Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Night Out

Well, I have been a lax blogger lately.  I think working at my actual job has taken it out of me.  I usually need a day to recover and it seems like I have been working nearly every other day – or QOD, as we say in the medical world.  Thus, I work a day, stagger through the next day to recover, work a day, recover, and then have to do the whole thing over again.  Just working and recovering.  But earlier in the week, on the National Night Out, I went to the block party of one of my favorite patients ever.  She is a near neighbor and we have several friends in common, but I hadn’t known her until she was my patient a month or two ago, and we just hit it off – or “just clicked,” as she told her friend.  

She invited me to her Night Out block party and I was happy to go.  I had planned to stop in at my more local Night Out party on my way home, but when that time came, I realized that I was ready for bed.  Actually this one was pretty local too – just a short walk to her house.  I was delighted to see my former patient, Mrs. Benton, and her daughter.  As you can see, her neighbors were a very friendly group – both the people and the dogs.  

Mrs. Benton's daughter wore a fabulous tee shirt.  

Even the dogs were super friendly!


Laura said...

I remember her-she was my lovely patient too! Very nice that you could share the block party with her! Super cute dog picture. I went to my son's block party. Very neighborly and fun.

Marta said...

That is one of the advantages of living in the city.
Looks like great fun.
Photo of dog is my favorite although all are fun to see.

Since I just finished reading "The HELP", I hope none of these women was ever a nanny!