Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Serviceable Day

Carmen, Miller, and Margaret

Sunday was an energy-free day for me.  I just couldn’t get moving.  I managed to go to church, and was certainly glad I had roused myself sufficiently, as the service was wonderful, and the Schola Cantorum (the children’s choir) was even more amazing than usual.  In fact, was celestial in the extreme.  The folks in the pew next to me apparently felt the same.  After the choir’s last song, a piece composed specifically for the Schola Cantorum, my neighbor’s mouth was agape.   “Wow!” he gasped.   It really was pretty “Wow!”  I wish all of you could have been there.

Elijah and his Dad

Then I attended another little service in my aunt’s back yard.  It was to commemorate the life of Carmen, a Newfoundland, the furry companion of my friend John, and a great favorite of my aunt. Several neighbors, including Glen and his parents, came to bid farewell to Carmen.  Glen has been barking a “Hello” to Margaret, Becca, and me for years, but now he is slowing down and makes do with a smile and a tail wag.  Jude and Elijah were there with their father, too.  Here Jude gives Glen a loving pat. 


Marta said...

Too precious.
Love the Jude.

Laura said...

Completely adorable pictures and a sweet story. Wish I had heard that beautiful music!junory