Monday, July 18, 2011

A Boring Day

Rebecca is at work, and I'm sitting in her flat, waiting for the stove man to deliver her a new stove!  Why is it that when you have exactly your usual means of entertainment at hand - a good book, knitting, a cute kitty - it is still so boring to wait for stove men at someone else's house?  I am getting desperate for a cup of tea, but am afraid to make one lest the stove man come midway. I'm sure he will not come within the given parameters, because that’s the way of stove men.  But I am mainly reluctant because Rebecca always handles the tea making here, and I don't know where she keeps my favorite kind. That would be Pu Erh when I am visiting her.  I have different favorites for different occasions, of course.  Plain old Irish Breakfast when I first get up and until noon, and then lapsang souchong for later in the day.  And something more dainty when I have dainty guests.  Ana and I always enjoy a pot of flowering tea, but that is only for very special occasions. 

Hmmmm!  What to do!  Take some pictures, dream
about tea, forage for a cookie, write about my ennui, pet Maria, go back to my book. 

I keep thinking I hear stove men and have already put Maria in the bathroom once, but it is always false alarms!

Aargh!! Got a call from Rebecca!  The stove men are not coming at all today. Drat stove men!

Back home now~

Here are pictures I took to while away the time.  One of Maria, and one of the  Raggedy Ann that I made for Becca when she was a baby.  She says that she still remembers me sewing on it, and being excited.  She had to have been well under two.  Also a cat she got as a being born present from my Uncle Robert.  You can see that these two are well loved.  Raggedy Ann has her stockings on sideways and only one arm, but Becca doesn’t care. 


Samos said...

Cute! I just got a new old Morse sewing machine. Its an upgrade from my other morse. My new one will do five different stiches!

rebecca said...

Those stove men aren't coming till Friday!

Laura said...

Cute post and those old toys are so precious.
Your love of tea gets me thinking I should try some more types. I can't imagine giving up my beloved morning cup of coffee though.

Janet said...

I thought there was nothing worse than waiting for repair men or stove men in one's own home, but no you've topped it with waiting in someone else's home.