Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Dopey Day

I was so pleased with my swing and the little padding I made for it, that I decided to take a picture of it before settling in for a nice early evening read.  Minutes after this was taken, I picked up my book and flopped down, right onto my glasses.  No, they were not okay after the mishap, but being an orthopedic nurse, I was able to straighten them out.  I was nearing the end of my book when Rebecca called and invited me to tea.  Naturally, I was thrilled, leapt up, and cycled right on over there.  We had a pleasant visit, and then I cycled home.  As I pedaled along, I was a little concerned about the phone in my shorts pocket.  What if it falls out, I worried.  Maybe I shouldn’t carry it there.  I got home, all eager to finish my book, and …… no phone.  Oh, dear!  A near disaster!  I got my old-fashioned telephone and called myself.  I went to different parts of the house and called myself some more.  No little ring anywhere.  I called Becca.  No, I hadn’t left it there.  It must be lying in the road, I thought.  My early premonition was fulfilled.  (Are premonitions “fulfilled?”  I’m not sure. But you understand what I mean.)  I felt that I couldn’t stand to be even one day without a phone in my pocket. She said to come over and she would help me get a new one.  We could either order it, or go to the phone store, which was open late.  As I retraced my way back to her house, I watched for little phone bodies in the road, and kept thinking I had found it, only to actually find a squashed cigarette packet or a grey leaf.  Sigh!  When I got there, she was all comfy in her pajamas, and was on line getting advice from Anna the telephone woman.  Anna was a little unpleasant about the whole thing, and said we had to go to the phone store.  So we did, and I got a cute new one that takes better pictures than the old one.  Becca and I bought ice cream cones to comfort ourselves, returned to her house, figured out the new phone’s basics, and then I began to get nervous about riding in the dark without a light, so I shoved off and cycled home, with my eye still peeled for a little telefonino body.  More cigarette packets and leaves, but no phone.  I got home, eager to read the last few pages of my book.  I moved the other books and newspapers that covered my bed, and guess what I found!  Smirking out at me, smug at having not made any noise when I called it!   Oh well!  The new one is  pretty low tech, given the possibilities, but is nicer than the old one, so I am pleased. 


Samos said...

Poor little abandoned phone... It didn't really do anything wrong, and now you've just given-up on it? So sad! You should at least post its picture. Or, maybe have a little funeral and bury it in your yard with a memorial. "God made the little cell-phone, la-la-la-la-la-la..."

Laura said...

I have to smile at the comments by Samos. He sort of said it all.
Also, I really like your garden swing.

I. F. said...

There's an app for that on the iPhone. It doesn't keep the phone from getting lost, but it does tell you where it is if you log in to a particular website. We could probably make a fortune with a new app where the phone screams if you walk too far away from it.

Marta said...

I like idea left by Samos.

If you decide to have a memorial be sure to sing, "In Paradisum".

Janet said...

I can certainly relate to this episode. I'm constantly checking to be sure my phone is where I think it should be.
If it isn't there, well then frantic searches begin.