Sunday, July 24, 2011

A three blog day

Today was really a three blog-worth day.  First, there was the St. James picnic.  This is always a major event of my summer .  Picnics are fun in any case, but this one has the added funness of seeing choir friends for the first time in a month.  Usually I also view the day as a giant photo op, and take lots of pictures, but this year, given that I was going to work immediately afterward, I was more interested in foraging for food.  The hot dog and veggie burger lines were unfortunately très long, so I settled for an ice cream sandwich, and a bun with mustard.  Actually, a bun with mustard and an ice cream sandwich is a pretty yummy repast, so I am not complaining. 

Then - a really major, major, major event at my job.  My unit is the first to move into our incredible new hospital facility, and today was moving day!  Our patients were transferred from funky to fabulous in not quite the blink of an eye, but almost.  I remained behind on the old unit to see to the last few to be discharged, and of course there were issues with all three.  Discharges can be so trying at times.  Two of them were easily settled, but the third required the higher powers of our already harried manager.  That group left grumbling about us, and we grumbled about them as the transporter wheeled them out of our lives, so it all came out even.   Well, not really.  They probably were still grumbling an hour later, but  we had smiles on our faces as prepared to move the final bits and pieces to our wonderful new digs. 

Packing up!

Maria at the new charge nurse station

Dr. Aaronson checking it out!

And what was the third blog worthy event?  Why, the weather!  Here in Seattle, the summer has been gloriously gloomy, with at least a bit of rain most days, and not much heat at all.  The roses and tomatoes are suffering, but I have not been.  Then suddenly, this morning, summer arrived.  Dreadful!  It was 90° on my front porch when I got home at five.  And 94° in my bedroom!  Ugh! 


rebecca said...

The weather was something! Now that I no longer have that nice tree in front of my window, my room gets much hotter.

Laura said...

Oh so funny telling of a difficult discharge! I'm glad you got some pictures of our happy move at work.

Janet said...

I think the weather improved just in time for our trip to Victoria. A relatively rough crossing, I guess, but worse forecast for Monday evening. Strong winds initially but blue skies prevailed all 4 days.
I found a good yarn store - and a good used book store. Suitable action was taken.

Marta said...

I am very impressed with your new work place.
Actually, your old one would be impressive to me.