Thursday, April 8, 2010

A voggy day

Somehow, I haven’t been in a bloggy mood, but I thought I had better update you as to my whereabouts. I have just been basking on the lanai, and am about to dash out to the pool, here in somewhat voggy (Heaven be praised about that – you know how I am about hot weather) Hawaii!
We arrived on Tuesday, and as a trip to Ikea wears me out (see below), you can imagine my condition when we arrived here after a zillion miles and a thousand hours in a way too cramped airplane. I am recovered except that I went to bed at nine last night, and woke up at five this morning. This is definitely not my style and is also not convenient. I will probably adjust just in time to come home and be maladjusted again.
A little late, I brought Christmas presents to the kiddies, Miranda and Kekoa. I got Kekoa a giant spider to assemble, and a 3-D Mirascope, which was a great success with the adults, who were amazed by the frog which was inside it, but seemingly was sitting on top of it. He was so real that one tried to touch him. Alas, he was but a mirage. En route, my aunt Pauline had said that her presents were much more humble, being gifts to her from charitable missionary groups she had contributed to. None the less, Miranda was quite pleased with her necklace from an Indian mission, and the angel night light was a great success with Kekoa, who is becoming very interested in body parts. He immediately fixated on the angel's cape, which he thought looked like huge blue bosoms. He burst into uproariously gleeful laughter and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) stop, until “no dessert” was threatened. He was so thrilled that he remained slightly giddy for the rest of the evening.


Miss Nobody said...

Aloha and mahalo. I think that means hello and thank you. We're off to buy ourselves some new pens. Since it's Eastertide now, one has to celebrate somehow. Adorable children, btw. Miranda is my favorite, but don't tell Kekoa I said that.

Janet said...

My mother on Maui never told us about vog. I must ask my friend who lived in Hilo for many years. Enjoy your vacation.

Samos said...

That Frog does look very real! Aloha from the isle of Samos. :-)