Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A hot day

Off to the library in just a few minutes, to get a new mystery book. The selection here is smallish, but they have some mysteries by my favorite authors which are not available at our library. I just read a new-to-me Rei Shimura mystery by Sujata Massey, whose books are way too few in the Seattle library. The one I read is about numero siete in a series of which I have only read the first three. Somehow, Rei seems to have dumped her Japanese boyfriend, and has gone from being an antique dealer in Tokyo to being a secret operative for some CIA branchlet. I have to seize the moment and get another today – maybe an earlier one which will explain the transformation. This will present sort of a dilemma, as I have just come to a crisis in Sylvia’s Lovers. You may remember that I was excited about reading this – as I had been looking for it for about thirty years, and began it several weeks ago. However, library books which I had ordered long ago kept coming in, and had to be read quickly - thus making me read about Sylvia and her trials in a rather disjointed manner.

Back from the library. Disaster! It was closed! It is closed every
Wednesday in April due to a severe budget cut, due to the financial shenanigans of the previous administration. George Bush, the author of everything bad, including me not getting my library book – the effects are still being felt. Ever more reasons to be bitter.

I even had my special library costume on for the outing. The first time Marcus took me to the library, years ago, he looked a little horrified as we were getting ready to leave. “Is that what you are wearing?” he asked. “What’s wrong with it?” Shades of my mother! He looked embarrassed, and finally said, “But you don’t have a brassiere on. We can’t go to the library like that.” Just as, often times in years long previous with my mom, I shuffled off to obey the fashion dictates of my family. When I told his mother what he had said, she shrieked with laughter. Dakki said I should ignore him, but Pauline pointed out that he is the one with the library card. Now every time we go to the library, Pauline says, “Don’t forget your brassiere!” It is really too hot here for any extraneous clothing, but cooperative soul that I am, I don’t forget. So I will have to don my special library attire again tomorrow, and will be able to settle down with Sylvia this evening and Rei tomorrow.

This turtle greets library patrons as they arrive, and these lovely clouds and waves are part of the view from our lanai. There are cooling breezes as well.

Update: Went to the library today (Thursday), forgot to wear the required attire, and no one noticed. J


Janet said...

Well, beware of the crabby librarian. Hope you have better luck today. You certainly need those cooling breezes. We found Maui and Hilo mighty hot the times we were there.

Laura said...

What a lovely view you have from the lanai. Enjoyed your library saga!