Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A shopping day

Monday was the first day in a weeks that Rachael, Rebecca, and I all were not working or doing some other even more important activity. Hence, the long awaited (by Rachael, maybe by Rebecca, definitely not by me) trip to IKEA. Rachael needed items – mostly bookshelves – for her new independent living situation. My theory of shopping is “go in, grab what you want, pay for it, get out.” Anything else is torture. Rebecca and Rachael wanted to look at every single thing in the at least fourteen mile pathway through the store. My apprehensions about the tedium of the day grew even graver when they stopped to actually read some of the books that were for sale. They took copious notes, compared, contrasted, and debated. I tried to doze over the shopping cart. Eventually, I became fascinated by a family, the mother of which had on shrink wrap white pants, and stiletto heels. She had a husband and several small children in tow. She looked to be quite happy and not suffering at all, despite small children and ridiculous footwear. While rubbernecking at this group, I lost the girls who were no doubt examining the joinery of some shelving. What to do? Making a quick decision, I took the cart, which as yet had nothing in it, went to the cafeteria, got some lunch, and read my book. The trip was looking up. They caught up with me, got themselves lunch, and while we ate, told me of their discoveries and decisions, and then we forged on together, the majority of the shopping decisions having been made. I purchased a packet of Swedish Fish, and some cookie cutters. Usually, I never get out of IKEA without severe sticker shock when my purchases are added up, so I was happy to have shown such restraint. In the way back, we took the scenic route, and drove along Lake Washington boulevard. The day was beautiful, the birds and boats were out, and it was all in all a lovely end to a pleasant day.
I had given up Spider Solitaire for Lent, and planned to play a game when I got home from the Easter Vigil. Given that I was about to drop dead at that time, this was not practical. So I played my first game when we got home from IKEA. Why do I waste so much time on the mindless, yet ever fascinating activity?

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