Monday, April 12, 2010

A pleasant day

Yesterday was adventure filled, at least from the perspective of those with a very low adventure threshold. We went to the library, got books and movies, and my favorite librarian was there, but I missed her. Marcus said that she had been working behind some shelves. The crabby librarian was there too, of course, and I was gratified to hear someone else say, “That librarian sure is a crab,” thus lessening my feelings of mean spiritedness – just knowing that the feeling was universal. All this means, of course, that I will have to go again to see my favorite.

Then we drove to Auntie Lori’s house, deep in a coffee jungle. She gave us fruit, spinach, and herbs for our dinner, and her husband showed us his cast iron pan collection. We toured her garden, her pet cemetery, admired her chickens, while Mark picked us some bananas. Here Mark, Kekoa, and Pauline are headed for the banana plantation, where he wielded his pole saw to get the bananas from high in their tree. Here also are some coffee beans in their natural habitat. I tried to take pictures of the elusive chickens, and failed, so Lori sent me some that she took when they assembled for their dinner.


I. F. said...

Hi, Joanna! We did almost the same thing yesterday except that we went to the bookstore, not the library, and drank the coffee. And no bananas. Miss you!

Laura said...

That walk looks so lush and lovely! I've been away from my computer for awhile and come back to find you in Hawaii heaven! How is the coffee?

Samos said...

Wow! That definitely looks like another world from our home here. Nice... I'll think of you as I eat my left-over bananna-cream-pie for desert (my neighbor brought it as her contribution to a dinner I cooked last night). Was hoping to have you over this week till I realized where you were! Have more fun. :-)