Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Rainy Day

After Mass, I visited Ozanam House with some of my fellow choristers. This establishment, recently opened and managed by the Seattle Archdiocese, provides apartments and meals for fifty-six homeless men. The facilities are impressive. Each man has a smallish studio, and he can either eat there or in the central dining room. There is also a library/conference room, and a common room with a television. The rooftop patio is very pleasant, and if my experience of the rooftop garden on top of the old main Seattle Library (now replaced by a posh and fabulous new building which unfortunately has no roof garden) holds true, it will be cool there on the hottest days. You might notice the shininess of the surface of the patio. This is not polish, but glorious rain. It was frightfully hot on Friday, but today is delightfully gloomy and overcast, between actual rain. My sort of day.

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rebecca said...

Did you get to see the inside of one of the apartments?