Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A hellishly hot day

The weather is beyond appalling. I am a damp limp rag – but one which is panting. It is nearly nine in the evening, and my bedroom is 90.5F. This, after it has been cooling off. I am such a hot weather wimp. I hate it. I have taken about five cold showers today to try to cool off. Yesterday it was nearly as hot, and we (Rachael, Dakki, and I) went to Becca’s house for dinner. As usual, it was scrumptious. Along with an amazing dinner, she served a cucumber/mint drink. Sounds a little odd, doesn’t it? But it was the perfect thing for this dreadful weather. Then Becca and I went for a postprandial walk to Volunteer Park and decided to walk up into the water tower. Whenever we do this, I have to bore everyone with reminiscences about my adorable Grandfather taking me up there when I was very small. I was always thrilled, and thought it was one of the most exciting things one could possibly do. Actually, it is still pretty exciting. Here you can see Rebecca ascending the stairs and then looking out one of the windows. From the observation area, you can see miles and miles in every direction. To the east is the dome of Holy Names Academy where my mother and Rebecca went to school. To the west you can see the space needle. After we descended, we walked through the park a bit more, and I took another picture of the space needle.


Knitman said...

We had summer cancelled this year. Cold, wet, stormy. Where you live is very inviting. Oh, I wouldn't want the 90+f either but it would have been nice to have some summer this year after last year's no show.

Miss Nobody said...

Your photos of the water tower are fabulous. Made me think we ought to go up there again... we haven't been since we were wee tots. Loved the pics of the picnic too!!

Janet said...

Great photos. I repeat Knitman's comments about the weather. We have our heating on here. It feels like autumn. Looks like our move to Seattle won't be until mid-September. Still lots of things to do. In the meantime, maybe we'll have summer. One can always hope. But 90 degrees plus wouldn't suit me either.