Thursday, July 9, 2009

A pontifical day

What fun! Maria and Corinna came to dinner and to play skat. We had a papal meal, including Pope’s Risotto which was served to the pope when he was visiting New York. I suppose the New York chefs were thinking that, being a pope, he must be Italian. We, however, know that he is absolutely German, and so to celebrate that facet of him, we had some nice German wine with the risotto, and then pretzels and bier while we played skat. Maria that cat enjoyed the evening as well, and quite liked her namesake. She tried to remind us several times that it is all about her, and us playing cards was boring her to bits.


I. F. said...

I was really getting the hang of skat by the third hand. We must play it again!

Lillian said...

That looks fun. What a good action-shot of Maria the cat! It was nice to meet Maria the person and Corinna, too. Also, your pretzels were delicious. Rachael called them "your specialty."