Monday, July 20, 2009

A horticultural day

John, the fellow who does some work around the house for me, often brings me little presents or makes nice flower arrangements for me. This time, he was trimming my wisteria, and was inspired to make this monster – ikebana gone wild. I was a little horrified! It was much too huge for the spot where he had envisioned it, so we put it on the front porch, and it looked quit nice there. Being a demure person, I requested something a bit more demure for inside, and he made this nice demure little arrangement for the kitchen, and a somewhat more robust one for the spot where the giant was originally destined to go.


Linda said...

delurking to say how lovely the flowers are and to ask, did you make the tablecloth under the hydrangea arrangement? what is the pattern?

joannamauselina said...

There are actually two things under the hydrangea. One is an Irish doily with shamrocks which my daughter made, and a friend brought me the bigger one from China. I usually have a teapot with shamrocks there if I don't have flowers, and the doily goes whith the teapot to an alternative spot, but this time, I forgot to move it.

Knitman said...

Your home looks so inviting. A HOME.