Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A happy Aunt's Day

Every year, one of us works on Mother’s Day, and this year both of us did. So we plan our festivities on a later date, and expand the Mother’s Day concept into Aunt’s Day as well so we can honor Dakki too. This year, we had a tough time finding a day when we all could get together to celebrate, but eventually did. Rebecca made us a fabulous dinner, which she has chronicled here. And she knitted me a big surprise! Long ago, I had borrowed from the library the Cat Balou – no… its Cat Bordhi - book on Magical Knitting and had shown Becca the hat I wanted to knit myself. But the book came due and I had not knitted the hat. I kept thinking that one day I would get the book again and make myself that hat. You know how that goes. I suspected that I was getting a knitted present, but was thrilled to find it was the very hat I wanted. What a clever girl. And being a clever girl, she years ago made me this clever string bag. Later she complained often that I never used it, and this was true. Somehow, while I admired it sitting on display on my dresser, I just never thought of taking it with me when I went shopping. Lately, I have gotten a little obsessive about not ever getting a plastic bag when I buy groceries and am always upset when I am shopping unexpectedly and caught without my own bag. So I now carry this little wonder in my tote, along with my money and cell phone, and I always have it. And I use it all the time. It is a brilliant bag. You can see that it tucks itself into a compact little ball which never gets tangled with other things, and then magically expands into a generous string shopping bag. I love it. What a lucky mother I am to have such a clever and loving girl!


FugueStateKnits said...

Hope your day was terrific!

Knitman said...

It must be my lucky day- another lovely purple piece.