Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Rainy Day

When Rebecca and I left on our shopping outing, it was pouring rain. Seattle, as you know, is famous for this. It rained for a teensy while, and then was brilliantly sunny, and then retreated back into the rain. This fellow was fully prepared for the rainy parts of the day. I thought his outfit was great, but Rebecca was less impressed. When the sun came out, so did this cute flower. Our object du jour was to go to Costco and get kitty litter, and we were pleased to discover that they had a lemongrass flavored version. I hope Maria will approve. She is a dainty cat with particular ideas. After the Costco ordeal, we had lunch at a Korean restaurant, and it was yummy. I was worried about excessive spiciness, but our meal was perfect comfort food. I always need comfort after Costco.

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rebecca said...

I thought the man was cute: I was just embarrassed about you taking his picture.