Saturday, November 15, 2008

A work day

My friend Laura told me I needed to update, and I see that she is right. It has been a day or two. I have been working, working, working, and the day I wasn’t working, I was working. My actual job has been rather horrendous lately, with my patients suddenly going downhill and needing to be saved, always a time consuming (although rather exciting) process. Happily, this evening was different from the two previous. My patients were all calm, pleasant, and healthy, relatively speaking. There was one patient who seemed to be having DT’s, and I said a little prayer of thanks that she was not mine. Actually, she had been mine the previous time I worked and initially, I was a disappointed not to get her back. I was quickly cured of that. She and her roommate were fighting like Tomcats on a fence – yowling insults back and forth until we had to move one to a different room. My patients, on the other hand, were all lovely, and one of them was watching The Wizard of Oz, so I gave him extra special attention because, not only was he a great guy, but I love the Wizard of Oz and had just been thinking I should watch it – having not seen it for a few years. In my youth, it was an annual event, despite the fact that the flying monkeys terrified me. I missed them this evening. The man pointed out that the Munchkin Coroner was about to sing that the witch was undeniably, reliably dead, and that the Lollipop kids were coming, and later that I had missed they monkeys. He seemed to know the movie by heart. Fortunately, I managed to be in his room when the water was thrown on the witch and she melted away, lamenting her beautiful wickedness. We were both delighted at her comeuppance.
These pictures are relevant in that one was taken on my way to work, and the other on the way home - or waiting for the bus which is sort of on the way home. In case you can’t recognize that black blob, it’s the bus coming up the hill – a most happy sight after a hard days night. Click here to see the same scene in the daylight.

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