Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sad day coming

Our little Michael is ailing, and is probably soon to visit the Rainbow Bridge. Here are pictures of him as a baby, a youth, and an oldster. In the baby picture, he is watching his mom cook - a lifetime preoccupation with him,and in the youth picture he is doing the same from the porch to which he has probably been exiled for being too helpful. In the oldster picture, he is politely waiting for Maria the dominatrix to finish licking the bowl so he can get in a taste or two. As you can see, his preoccupation with food has been a lifelong trait, and I knew he was quite ill when he didn't care about his breakfast.
Michael is fifteen, which I used to think was a Methuselah in cat terms, but now it seems quite youthful compared to the ages of my aunts’ cats at their demises. We will miss him very much, as he is a most singular and loving kitty.
PS. I had to change the picture from yesterday, because Rachael informs me that the cat in the photo was actually Maria.


rebecca said...

I found that picture of pussywillow Mikey and little Rachael!

FugueStateKnits said...

Awwww! So very sorry for the loss of your kitty! Our vet used to send cards to us when a pet died - and they all referred to the Rainbow Bridge:) Love the concept and boy, does it make sense!