Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A busy day with a funky dinner

Today was my sainted auntie’s birthday, but we couldn’t have the real party today because the real cook was working. In the morning she (my auntie, not the real cook) and I took Poor Michael to the vet who showed me how to hydrate him. My auntie had done this (more accurately, she had Rebecca do it) for her ancient cat who is no more, and at that time, I had thought it was ridiculous. Now that it is Michael, seen here in Dakki's lap, it seems not so ridiculous at all. Michael is pretty feisty when you try to do anything to him (i.e, trim his nails) that he thinks needn’t be done, so I am not at all confident about how this will play out. Will report on my success or lack thereof. Then we went to the bank, to deposit a check into Tom’s account, and I asked for a balance, which, when given, showed that my estate business STILL had not been taken care of. I said, “Grrrrr,” and the teller man said why didn’t I have Janet help me. I said I was sure she couldn’t, because someone in Texas was supposed to be working on it and I didn't have any of the paperwork. But he thought I should give it a try. Janet was the intelligent woman who replaced the dingbat who originally was supposed to be dealing with my estate troubles. The one who hung up on me when I told her that the higher office said she had not filled out the forms properly. I told Janet of my trials, and how I cried the last time I talked to the Texas folk, and that I didn’t want to talk to them again. She talked to them, had it all fixed in five minutes. What a relief! Or it will be when this transaction actually takes place – in up to two weeks, she said. Since it was Dakki’s birthday, I decided to invite her for dinner, and fix a busy day meal. We had Protein Loaf – which, as you can tell from the name, is a relic of my youth, but good. It has cauliflower, onions, cashews, cheese, and eggs, and is pretty yummy. And lemon pudding cake for dessert. Fast, easy, tasty. Our friend Julie came for the impromptu meal, and expertly prepared the green beans (also delicious,) as I was in a bit of a frenzy, since the meal-in-minutes was taking more minutes than I had anticipated.
Here we are sitting down to our meal, and here is the meal. The Protein Loaf does not look that appealing, but it is really quite good. While doing the dishes, I dropped a glass on my toe. You can see my injury here, if you are interested in such things.


FugueStateKnits said...

Owie! That looks like it either smarts now or soon will! Yikes!
Dinner sounds really good, though!
Your lucky Auntie:)

joannamauselina said...

It did smart,but not for long. I whined a bit, but even that didn't really generate much sympathy. So I knew I had to show it to you in order to get some.