Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A not very interesting day

Here is a picture of Maria, the diabolical kitty, looking out the window. Like many diabolical folks, she is cute and can be charming, but Rachael and Tom are the only ones she has ever really loved disinterestedly. She generally pays me no heed unless I am cooking. Then she sits by and offers encouragement, and as soon as my back is turned, she samples whatever I am making. Today she helped me make some bread pudding which I had promised Rachael. I used my BBB pudding recipe, but put in two chopped pears instead of the blueberries. Rachael had wanted a pear dessert with cinnamon, and I had planned to put some in, but forgot. We agreed that it was better without.

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rebecca said...

What a cut tail! No picture of the pudding?