Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday blog

I got up rather grumpy because I was sure no one would notice my birthday. Rachael and I had our usual Rachael-getting-ready-for-school chat, and she didn’t mention it. She is not a natural early riser and is always rather fussed in the morning when she has to rush. She left, and I knew that Rebecca was working and wouldn’t be able to call. My aunt called but didn’t mention the importance of the day. I was resigned to go to work uncelebrated. But then Samos called and said we could go to the conservatory and then lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. This cheered me greatly. Here is a picture of our Indian lunch and the nan which the waiter gave me special for my birthday. Samos brought me some Kinderseife – my favorite soap which, sadly, is no longer made. This soap has a sort of secret meaning (rather like the Turkish Delight and Junior Mints mentioned in an earlier entry,) so it was a very nice present! Then I got a packet from my friend Sabine all the way from Germany. I decided to open it later in the bosom of my family when we gather to celebrate on Saturday. Then Rachael called, horrified that she had forgotten earlier in the day. I got an email from Rebecca at work, so I felt loved after all. All in all, a fun morning, and a much nicer one than I ever expected.


rebecca said...

What's that thing that looks like a giant, tan Hershey's Kiss in your lunch?

joannamauselina said...

A samosa, and it was yummy!

Samos said...

Wow, my food looks so yummy I want to eat it all over again! The Kinderseife looks so green in the photo (don't forget to save me a sliver). :-)