Thursday, October 23, 2008

A reflective day

One day in the spring, Tom and I were sitting quietly doing crosswords when there was a frightful crash. All on its own, my grandmother’s mirror had fallen off the wall! Fortunately, it had come apart at the seams, but the glass had not broken. Putting it back together was going to be difficult because it had broken in the past and been reassembled poorly, i.e. obtuse angles where there should be right angles. One had to decide whether the ugly bit would be on the top or the bottom, as it would not go together properly at both ends at once. Fear of failure kept me from starting this project, and I fretted about it for a month or two. However, finally I got tired of looking at its pieces, with the help of my auntie, put it back together – but this time there were even more obtuse angles, and the whole thing seemed awfully fragile. The next problem was to hang it so that it wouldn’t fall again. It is heavy, and the weight of it had pulled the little wire-holding nails apart which was the reason it fell. Another delay of a month or two ensued while I thought about how best to solve the problem. Now it sits on a little shelf, and is firmly attached to the wall, and I can cross one thing off my guilt producing “to do” list.


rebecca said...

Amazing! That JF is so clever!

Samos said...

Congradulations! It looks great! :-)