Monday, October 20, 2008

A turbulent day

Margaret is a very fierce protector of our house and family. A protector against some things, that is. If the burglar were to try to visit when we were not home, she would say, “Come right in! Anything here is yours, as long as you will pet me!” However if there is inclement weather, she is determined that it will not harm us and is quite vocal in her attempts to scare it away. A gentle mist brings out her vigilant side, and the louder the weather, the louder the barks, yelps, and threats from her. You can imagine how she reacted a few minutes ago when a sudden outburst of hail came crashing down on our little home. Margaret is still barking although the hail has turned to the occasional sprinkle and a bit of wind. Rebecca was caught out in it and took this picture to show Margaret that the hail was, after all, pretty.


rebecca said...

Margie's such a brave, good girl!

joannamauselina said...

I knew that's what you would think!