Monday, July 28, 2014

A Special Anniversary

My dear, darling friend Martha and her sweet husband Joe have been married sixty years!  And they still seem to adore one another! This is pretty amazing, particularly in that they both are apparently such spring chickens – always on the go, always working on some project.  Maybe this latter has a positive effect on their spring chickenliness.  Martha does tons of cooking, preparing huge family holiday events, and a family picnic and summer celebration every year, but this was above and beyond! 

Most impressive of all, especially to me, the queen of weeds, she manages her fabulous giant garden, and her fascinating house.  She is an all-around marvelissima person.  I went to the party with Rachael and John, and on the way home, John said, “What a wonderful family Martha has.”  She certainly does, with her five boys and her daughter Liz. And gobs of clever, talented, and polite grandchildren (just like my Rachael.)

There were about ten tables set up in the garden, and people to fill them.  There was scrumptious food, and a fun talent show.  I have no talents, but a few of us did get up and sing "Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether", the grace before meals which the Cathedral folk sing at foodish events.  I thought that everyone was going to be singing or I would have been shy, but three quarters of the way through I noticed that only a tiny group of us was standing up front and singing.  A wasp seemed particularly enchanted by my song, and tried to get quite personal.  Fortunately, he went away to bother someone else before giving me time to get really upset at him. 

It was a super party!  

Another little guest, probably uninvited, was the tiny spider who spun this exquisite web.  She was no doubt lying in wait for the wasp who had annoyed me. 

Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways.
 For they shall eat the labour of their hands: happy shall they be, 
and it shall be well with them.
  Martha and Joe have been as a fruitful vine by the sides of their house: 
their children like olive plants round about their table.
  Behold, that thus shall the woman and man be blessed that fear the Lord.
 The Lord shall bless them  and they shall see the good of their family 
all the days of their lives.
  Yea, they shall see their children's children, and peace upon their home.

Psalm 128 paraphrased for the occasion.


Marta said...

Joanna. what a marvelous post. I was going to put your great work of art on my blog. It will take me a while.
I finally planted all the flowers that were on the porch. Just a little late.
It is apparent by the photo that I was overworked!
Thanks for the kind words and great photos. You are so impressive!

martha said...

Your lovely writing really draws the reader in. Very nice.

Laura said...

A lovely post! A real tribute to a good marriage and a pleasure to read.