Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Shopping Day

A couple of charming lamps to grace your sitting room

I had a nice little surprise outing with Samos.  I had told him I would be busy that day, but he called again on the morning of anyway, just in case.  I realized then that I had made a calendar mistake when turning from July to August, and that I wasn’t busy after all.  What fun!  We had our favorite Japanese tofu burgers for lunch and then off to junk stores.  Samos is on a spending freeze, and showed great restraint.  He bought nothing.  I am always on a spending freeze, so my willpower was lessened by the quotidian quality of my budgetary issues.  I bought a number of useless items, all things to use in the kitchen – so not entirely useless but definitely not needed.  Unneeded, but happy making.  I won’t even tell you what they are, lest you sneer at my shopping silliness. 

A prie dieu for a material girl??

These stores are always fascinating with the sometime bizarre items they have to offer.  One is forced to speculate as to what sort of person would purchase such horrors.  But maybe they (the horrors, not the purchasers) are so horrible that they transcend from horrible to kitch, to camp, to cool.  Who knows!

My new old Coca Cola bottle.  Why did I need this????   I just did.

PS  I did not buy a lamp or a prie dieu.  I wasn't that silly.


Marta said...

I love your bottle. I should use mine. I have so much stuff around here that I could open an almost antique store.

While in Virginia City I saw an old sifter used as a vase. When I got home I tried it. Didn't work.

So happy to see your blog active again.

Tootsie said...

You should have bought the pineapple lamp!, so festive and odd. Were you at 2nd use?, I love that store

joannamauselina said...

That's exactly where I was. Such fun!

Lorette said...

Doesn't every good Catholic girl need her own prie dieu? Just maybe not in a Holstein cow print.

Laura said...

Super cute picture! What is it about those coke bottles. I never even drank the stuff but can barely resist urges to buy an old bottle whenever I see one. Yours is put to good use already.

Pru said...

Love the Coke bottle. The cow skin prie dieu is decidedly odd but I think might have made a fun addition to your living room.

I may have seen something like the weird multi-armed lamp in a hairdressing salon. If it's what I think it is, it's used to heat set hair dye on all sides of the head during a color treatment.

Dan and Julie in San Diego said...

I think you should have bought the pineapple lamp. When will you ever see another like it? Amazing and wonderful!
I'm also inclined to the cow kneeler. Also something that there are not 2 of...
Both have entered the realm of cool.
Julie in San Diego

I. F. said...

That kneeler would look pretty good in the choir room, don't you think?