Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gustatory Days

Samos and I went to the slightly amazing Katsu Japanese burger place which had the best tofu burger I have ever eaten.  Tofu is, to some extent, always tofu, and a burger bun is a burger bun unless it is special, but special burger buns do not show up in funky little strip mall dives. So the tofu, while fried to perfection was not the thing, nor was the bun.  But the trimmings were utterly delectable, leading to a scrumptious whole.  The were juicy, generous,  and ever so anxious to dribble down the chin.  Not first date fare, as I mentioned to Samos.  He agreed.  The curried French fries were all that a French fry can be.  I usually never order soda pop, inwardly virtuously sneering at all those empty calories, but Samos who did our ordering while I saved us a table, got me a green tea ginger ale.  To the aficionado, this may be pop ordinaire, but I am not a conisseur, and I found it a little extra-ordinaire.  I love ginger beer and also green tea, so it seemed just the ticket.  After the obligatory sniping about the evils of carbonated drinks, I secretly found it to be a sinful pleasure, and complimentary to the rest of the meal.

A cute beer poster

The friendly server

Not first date behavior!

On the way home, we stopped at a salvage place and found this funny bit of someone's detritus.

The next day, I went out to lunch with Laura and Lisa, my nurse colleagues.  It was fabulous to see them.  I am hoping that I am not really as wild eyed and apple cheeked as I appear here.  

Then the next day with Rebecca.  But I forgot to take a picture.  

That's lotsa lunches for one week. 


Dan and Julie in San Diego said...

Lotsa lunches is one of the perks of retirement. I love it.

joannamauselina said...

Thanks, Julie! I am loving it pretty much myself.

Laura said...

I had a black bean burger at our fun lunch. It was good but sadly missing the juicy drip on the chin. Your tofu burger sounds perfect. Samos - that is too cute!

Marta said...

Any time I don't have to cook it is a treat.
Samos is very cute and it seems he has a very understanding wife.
I'm not sure I'd want Joe lunching with such a cutie!

Pru said...

That's it, you are now officially a Lady That Lunches. Love the legendary Green Sweater.