Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Grateful Day

A tiny part of Sabine's Advent Calendar 

Several years ago, in November, I put out an announcement.  I did not want any Christmas presents, and I wasn’t giving any.  Just like Rabbit, I have a ton of friends and relations, and everyone one of them used to give every other one a present!  It was just way too much.  In fact, it was horrible. At my proclamation, my relatives either heaved a sigh of relief, or, if they happened to be an auntie, completely ignored my mandate.  But even with the ignorers, Christmas suddenly became exponentially more manageable and more Christmasy.  I have been paring down the non-church related aspect of Christmas ever since.  Of course I enjoy Christmas baking, and giving my aunties and babies gifts, and the cousins get a lovely card telling them that I have donated something in their name to a worthy cause.  Nowadays I give Christmas presents because I want to, rather than because I am obliged to. And I don’t expect one in return. It is so much nicer that way, and more fun to receive gifts given in that same spirit. This year I received several spectacular stunners! 

My friend Sabine sent me an unbelievable Adventskalendar with a delightful little gift for every day of December and then several fabulous books and yarn for actual Christmas. 

Another sweet bit of the Advent Calendar .  I do love buttons.

Rebecca made me these oh so fantastic gloves – her first gloves, and I believe, her first Fair Isle knitted thing. 

The actual color is much deeper.  

My gift from Samos was almost too spectacular to believe!  I shrieked with delight when I opened it!

Love, love, love!

Oh!  And one more thing!

A gift from the Department of Transportation.  Sigh!


Rebecca Ross said...

I'm excited for your handicapped tag! We can use it at the movies today!

Marta said...

I so missed your blog. Glad you're back.
Interesting gifts.
Gloves are beautiful. Becca is so talented,just like her mom

Pru said...

Really, Rebecca, is that the proper amount of sympathy for your poor mother!!! Seriously, the gloves are spectacular. Will you knit a matching 1/4 sock to go over the end of her surgical boot and keep her toes warm? The royal wedding/jubilee items are real treasures, and orange Ritters sound delish.

Laura said...

Sweet and beautiful things! And the handy dandy parking helper! You have the best presents!!