Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Miraculous Day

It’s been well over a year since there has been a choir baby, but that is about to change.
In honor of that upcoming blessed event, on Sunday after Mass, a group of us gathered at Julia’s Restaurant for a fun surprise baby shower. The soon to be Mother and Dad thought they just were meeting one other choir member, the sainted Stacey, for breakfast, but instead, they met four altos,  a soprano, and a bass.   (Two bassi if you count Joel, the expectant father and two sopranos if you count Shannon, the Mum to be.) I guess tenors are just not into baby showers.

Barbara and Dave were there, but sadly, are missing from the picture.

Actually, this day was not the  miraculous one.  The miracle happened about eight and a half months ago.  Shannon and Joel had been high school sweethearts years ago across the water in Bremerton..  Eventually, they got married and started thinking about having “Baby make three.”  But this just didn’t seem to be happening, and no baby appeared.  Instead of consulting a fertility specialist, as seems to be the thing to do these days, Shannon consulted the Virgin Mother, the real fertility specialist.  She made a novena, asking Mary’s heavenly help in starting a baby brewing, and her prayers were answered.   This really was a miracle, and yet another wonderful example of the power of prayer. 

Shannon and Joel are not divulging their daughter's name.  They did reveal that it has lots of syllables.  I am opting for Alexandrina Celeste.  I am probably wrong, however.  We will soon find out. 

Some of Miss F's gifts.  The catsup is not a part of her shower spoils!


Marta said...

How nice for Shannon. I wondered if anyone was going to give her a shower.
Sorry that I wasn't on the invitation list but it looks pretty small.
Actually, I'm more curious about who invited whom?
Shannon looks happy. Joel too.

Laura said...

Isn't that wonderful!! A baby is a miracle indeed. The parents to be look very happy. Hope you will post their new baby picture too! And the name :)