Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Very Hot Day

Gaaaaah!  I just don’t like hot weather.  Tobias and I are lying about like limp rags, panting and complaining.  I am taking frequent cold showers to cool off, but Tobias says he doesn’t go in for showers – sorry, but thanks for offering. 

Last Saturday, it was hot, but not unbearably hot.  Michelle and I went on an outing to partake in the centennial celebration for the Smith Tower, once the tallest building west of the Mississippi.  Now, of course, it is fairly dwarfed by the other buildings in town, but it still holds its own for a beautiful and amazing  interior.  Somehow, while the Tower has always been a Seattle presence in my mind, and one for which I have long felt a Seattle affection, greeting it every time I walk to Chinatown and see it from across the Denny Woo Garden, or go to Pioneer Square and look up at it, I had never been inside.  It had never even occurred to me that it had an inside,  its outside being so special.  The lobby sparkles with its marble and wood, and the Native American chief carvings which decorate the cornice. 

The elevators, brass and glass cages, and still run by a human operator, are worth a trip in themselves.  At the top is the Chinese room with a 360 ° view beyond the city to the east and  to the west  beyond the bay to the surrounding mountains.   The room is furnished with gifts from the Empress of China, Cixi, and includes a “Wishing Chair.”  The maiden who sits in it is supposed to be married within a year.  Somehow, I do not think this is what Michelle has in mind.

This fellow looks like a nurse I used to work with.  He was not Chinese, but had a similar looking attitude to life.

Details from the ceiling

Afterward, tea at the Panama Hotel, another spot prominent in Seattle history, and then a tour of the Denny Woo Garden.  The gardens always give the sagging spirits a lift with their serene greenery, soft breezes, and even on the hottest day, a sense of perfect weather, cool in the summer, comforting in the winter.  

The Smith Tower peeking up over the Denny Woo Gardens


Marta said...

So glad I checked your blog. What great information and photos.
I've never even thought of going to the Smith tower. Always admired it from afar. When I rode the Greyhound bus to get to downtown Seattle, it was always a high point. for some reason I thought it was a work place filled with offices and not much else. Thanks for the information.
Your friend is pretty.

I. F. said...

I would like to do all those things on a cool day!

Laura said...

That was a too hot Saturday! Smith Tower is always so interesting to see from every view of it outside. I never thought of getting inside!! From Salty's I have recently viewed it across the water and it looks adorably old and small nestled among the tall modern buidings.