Saturday, March 8, 2014

A fun evening!

I adore the little mandala bats!

I have been an admirer of Samos’s Auntie Kree Arvanitas since long before I met her.  My first acquaintance was when she was in Greece, and Samos, who was not in Greece, was collecting her mail.  While I didn’t meet her in person for quite some time, I did check over her junk mail, (Amnesty International, and ACLU to name a few of her correspondents,) and so I knew that she was my kind of person and hence, was eager to meet her.  Once she returned from Greece, we became better acquainted, of course.  Since she had no access to my junk mail (much less interesting - Macy’s, LL Bean, and the Vermont Country Store are high frequency items – although I do occasionally get some more worthy mail  with pleas for funds from the Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society and lots from Seattle Opera), I had the jump on her.  She has proved true to her junk mail through the years, personally and politically.  Oh!  And lest I forget ----- she gave my darling kitty, Tobias. 

Kree and Michelle

But on top of being a wonderful parson and politically correct (in my sense of “correct”,) she is a fabulous artist.  I posted on a previous showing here. And last night she had opening of  a new show.  Her art has evolved in an amazing  way, always Eastern, always political, but now becoming more mythological.

This lion is a tiny part of a large and complex mandala

"Twitter Revolution in Heaven"

What is an art opening without lovely food?  Michelle was worried that we would be too late and the cupcakes would be gone.  We arrived in time for there to be plenty of cupcakes, as well as blintzes, exotic cheeses and crackers and much more.

You can see the show until April 2  at 

3510 Fremont Place NSeattle, Washington 98103


Marta said...

What a fabulous talent. I love the design (with bats). Exciting & beautiful.
Thanks for posting the information.
You should put it on FB

Laura said...

Those works are very beautiful!