Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Highly Crummy Day

Soothing picture to soothe on an unsoothing day

It started off badly.  Rebecca wanted to go on our jog early, so I programmed myself to get up sort of early.  Instead of sort of early, I awoke at five, feeling only minimally alert, but knowing that this was it.  I was awake for the day.  Bummer.  I lay snuggling in my cozy bed, trying to lure Morpheus to return, but he apparently had business elsewhere.  I finally gave in, made my tea and read the paper.  Then tried to snooze again.  Still no luck. By early, Becca had meant in the vicinity of nine!!!  So I puttered around, accomplishing nothing, and then started off for her house.  As we had shopping and a trip to the dreaded car emissions place on our agenda, I was going to drive instead of cycle.  I was backing my car out of the garage when, fortunately, I noticed that some other car was obstructing my driveway.  But unfortunately, I decided that I could get out of the garage anyway, using a bit of clever maneuvering.  With my eyes totally on what was behind me, I scraped the car’s side mirror on the edge of the garage door.  There was a hideous scrunching sound from the car, and an ugly profane sound from me. Rats!  Our run was not terribly successful, and involved way too much winging and gasping from me.  I just didn’t feel up to it, and Becca was not terribly understanding about this.  She just kept urging me on and I just kept complaining.  

When our run was finally over, and I was about to collapse, we went to the car emissions place.  You can read one of my last hideous trips here.  I had come out of their driveway, and whoosh, I was on the freeway headed south.  Becca is a real little Sacajawea, and is usually the navigator.  I warned her about the freeway.  “No problem,”  she said.  “Go that way.”  I was skeptical and reminded her again about the freeway.  She rolled her eyes.  I obeyed her, and whoosh!  We were on the freeway headed south.  But unlike Margaret, God rest her little soul, Becca was able to direct us back to town efficiently.  We went shopping without disaster, and then went to her apartment to recover and knit.  I quickly discovered an appalling knitting error, and decided that I had to be all alone to fix it.  So I went home, and when I got there, the car which had blocked my driveway was getting a ticket and was about to be towed.  I had mixed emotions about this.  That fellow deserved a ticket, but towing seemed a little extreme.  Then I thought about my squashed side mirror and how much it was going to cost to fix it, and felt a little better about the towing.  I came in, and looked for my phone to text Becca about the tow truck.  I looked and looked.  Then this sad picture popped into my head.

  My scrambled knitting and phone sitting on Becca’s table.  So another trip out!   Aargh.  Home again at last,  I decided that the best thing to do would be to go to bed.  So I did.  And I knitted until I made another hideous mistake.  Not up to an immediate repair job, I went to sleep.  What a relief that was. 


Marta said...

Sorry for laughing at your terrible day, but reading it made me laugh. Can't help myself.

Today will be better!

Laura said...

So much trauma for you... so much fun for us!
Hope you had a good night's sleep.