Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Great Night and a Cobbler's Delight

Abelard and Heloise sing, accompanied by Heloise's nuns. 

The women's choirs sing Verdi's "Lauda alla Vergine Maria"

Last night was the first official performance of this year’s “Great Music for Great Cathedrals,” at our own great cathedral.  One of my friends, a member of  Jubliate!, the girls choir, said that being in this event was “better than Christmas,”  and I have to agree with her.  This year’s performance, which is likely to be the last one ever, is possibly also the best one ever.  With music from the 13th century to almost yesterday (relatively speaking,) multiple choirs, the Cathedral Brass, seven organs, lights, colors, incense, and the wonderful cathedral itself, it is an opportunity for a rare experience.  The extraordinary Cathedral Youth Music performs the Play of Daniel, and it is mind bending!  No need for psychedelics during such an amazing production. 

Not everyone appreciated this amazing presentation quite as much as I did.  

Who would think they could ever be naughty?

My friends Dashiel, Callie, and Cyrus, whose parents were busy, busy, busy – their mom on the costume crew, and their dad in the Cathedral Choir – thought the whole thing was a bust, and decided to show their parents just how dissatisfied they felt.  I was sure that Dashiel, my favorite basset and particular friend, was innocent, but his mother Peggy said that no, he was probably the ring leader.  

There were other footwear disasters too.  Sixteen years ago, the first time I was ever in Great Music, I purchased special shoes, as black shoes are requisite.  I have worn them in every production since, and I wore them for the dress rehearsal this year.  When I put them on for the actual performance last night, they felt odd and lumpy.  Imagine my surprise when I examined them and found that the soles had disintegrated.   Well, back to the manly boots for me.  They are way more comfy anyway.


Marta said...

Great photos. Love your survival shoes. I can't believe you kept them.

I. F. said...

It has all gone remarkably well, I think! No one (at least, no one ignorant, like me) would ever have known that anything was missing from the Elgar. You are such pros, you just keep going in the dark.

Laura said...

What a beautiful event. I was sorry to miss this one. Your little friends were probably lulled to sleep by the lovely music and darkness!

Marta said...

I must read more carefully. Did the doggies ruin the sandals?
Oh my!