Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yet Another Fun, Fun Day

 Sprouted rice and cucumber salad

Sunday was a busy day from dawn to dusk – fun busy, that is.  I didn’t really do a single constructive thing.  After a humungous Camino walk, I came home, set my alarm, took a nap, woke up, and cycled to Becca’s house for a fabulous dinner.  She had also invited Brooke, an adorable work colleague, and my darling Aunt Dakki.  The meal she prepared was incredible, and also incredible – we played gin afterward, and….. I won.  This is unprecedented.  There are several games that I never ever win (Scrabble and Monopoly are two others,) and gin is high on that list.  I tried hard not to smirk!

These tofu stuffed mushrooms surprisingly tasted remarkably like fish cakes - a dish we all miss as vegetarians. Yum!

Eggplant something or other.

Savory carrot pudding.

Mango pistachio popsicles!  Dakki, one of the world's least adventurous eaters, was a bit skeptical.  But she bravely tried it and realized it was yummissima!


Marta said...

What a wonderful day!

Laura said...

Wow, your daughter is a fabulous cook! Looks beautiful and so delicious.