Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Watery Day

Yikes!  It’s been ages!  I have been mostly sulking about with my tail between my legs.  That’s because I fell off my bicycle right onto my tailbone, and it hurts – still, a week later.  This has seriously cramped my style.  I seem to feel yucky most of the time – except when going on a walk or other adventure with friends.  Even a run (slow trot really) with Rebecca – usually a cause for serious whining – perks me up.  Then I come home and feel bad again.  I am such an incredible wimp.  What would I do if I actually had real aches and pains?

I have gone on several fabulous Camino walks – one with The Twins through the Olympic Sculpture Park, and another with Laura through mysterious West Seattle.  And why haven’t I shared these adventures with you?  Because I lost my camera!!  With the relevant pictures in it.  I can’t even imagine where it could be, but I am sure it must be in my house somewhere and will eventually turn up.  However, it’s been a lot of days, and I am becoming less hopeful.  Sigh! 

Mummy duck and her four fuzzy babies

On Monday, I was out from early morning till mid afternoon with my phone turned off, and Samos, who had been calling and texting since the evening before (when I was working and couldn’t reply,) was certain that I was lying dead or at least seriously injured.  When I arrived home, I was astonished to find him sadly peeking under tables and into closets looking for my body.  Since I wasn’t dead, we comforted ourselves  with a canoe ride.  He kindly took photos so that I could properly document the afternoon.  It was a wonderful day for drifting about in the Arboretum.  Everyone, including the ducks and the other canoers, was all smiles and happy greetings.  I even saw a mighty kingfisher!  He, unlike the others, didn't bother to say "Hi,'' but just swooped rattling by, unconcerned with us, but concentrating on the business of getting his dinner. 

Some very large objects (freeway ingredients?) on a barge being moved along by tugboats


Laura said...

That looks like a super lovely canoe ride! That would definitely be a pick me up not to mention having a stalwart friend who will seek you out..even under tables :) I'd be distraught losing my camera. It will probably show up in the least expected spot when you are not looking for it. Great photos Samos.

Pru said...

Joanna, they ARE real aches and pains if they're real to you. Ouch, hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you're offering prayers to St. Anthony for the missing camera but will add mine for extra volume. He will be deafened and your camera will miraculously appear. Meanwhile Samos's photos are beautiful.

I. F. said...

Now, if you had your camera in your phone like me you could have lost that, too. I hope you find it! And I hope your tailbone feels better!

Samos said...

Photos always seem to look better on Joanna's Blog! Thanks for being a good sport about my busting into your house!
(sorry for all the trouble Rebecca...)