Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another fun day!

At St. Joe's

I’m feeling like a giant slug – and one who has seriously exerted herself gobbling up all the tender shoots in the garden.  Actually, all I have done today is go to the dentist and take naps.  In other words, no exertion whatever.  I did have a pleasantly exhausting day on Sunday.  First off, there was church, which is always fun.  Somehow, fun doesn’t seem like what church is supposed to be, but there you are.  It is.  A beautiful ambiance, wonderful music, great readings, inspiring homilies, friends gathered together!  What more could one ask?

The Grotto at Holy Names

After Mass was the second (or maybe third) annual Camino Rosary Walk.  The route went from the Cathedral to five other nearby (sort of) churches with Marian shrines.  We said a decade of the rosary at each one.  And then back to the Cathedral for the windup prayers. Last year, I was working that day, and so couldn’t go.  I recall reading about it and thinking, “Hmm! That seems like a long way to walk in the summer sun.”  This was a sort of comfort in my disappointment at being unable to participate.  This year I read about it and thought, “Hmm! That seems like a long way to walk in the summer sun. How will I stand it?”  I girded my loins, packing up a water bottle and some emergency rations of nuts.   It was a lovely day, not really that hot, and perfect for chatting with old friends and meeting new ones as we made our way from shrine to shrine. I arrived back at the Cathedral tired but unscathed, except for a blister on my poor foot.  Some clever folks brought mysterious little walking apps, which told us we had gone five miles.  Not bad!

Feeling tired but virtuous after such valiant exertions!


Lorette said...

The Marian walk sounds like a lovely thing to do on a nice Sunday! I find church fun, too. If that makes us weird, so be it...

Laura said...

Beautiful settings and everyone looks very happy. That makes 5 miles just slip right on by!

Marta said...

Bless you both. I'm still working on the church is fun bit. I feel it at times but not always.
I feel more religious exploring the wilderness.