Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Up and Down Day

Martha's largesse surrounding my humble offerings in the middle.

Several up and down days, actually!  There haven’t been any major events around here lately, but there have been some that were notable, at least to me.  One of my three annual ordeals has been successfully endured.  That is my Sunday for bringing choir treats.  This usually means getting up early on Saturday and shopping, and then fretting and dithering about all day, trying to spur myself into cooking action, and finally getting moving way too late in the day – thus necessitating cooking till nearly midnight. And then getting up at four in the morning to put on the finishing touches. Somehow, this poor organizational pattern is repeated every year.  I was very lucky this year, as there are always two people assigned to do treats every Sunday, and this time my partner was my dear friend Martha, who is the undisputed Queen of Treats.  This meant way less anxiety on my part, as whatever I did would be a mere glimmer in the glare of Martha’s culinary glory.  When Rebecca and I were in the choir, we were always partners, and were Treats Princesses, but it was really Rebecca who was the Treats Princess and I was the Treats Scullery Maid.  Nonetheless, I gained a Treats reputation that, once Rebecca was no longer in the choir, I felt compelled to maintain.  This time, I made my usual deviled eggs, something bready, a vegetable tray and some dip.  I usually make one other slightly vegetebular thing, and this time it was sushi rolls.  My bready thing was focaccia, and in my morning frenzy, I made several mistakes with it.  First, I had the oven too hot and forgot to turn it down when I put the bread it, and then I forgot to spray water into the oven three times in the first ten minutes of baking as the recipe directs.  When I opened the oven and saw a giant Ak-Mak lying there, I was horrified.  If Martha had not been my partner, I might have died on the spot. But she was, so I didn’t.  The Ak-Mak turned out to be quite successful, and a friend even asked for the recipe.  I told her it was all a mistake, but she wanted the mistaken directions, as its Ak-Makiness was what appealed to her.  I also made a Middle Eastern dip -  recipe here, and that too, was unexpectedly delightful.  It is très, très garlicky and has a surprising bite.  

The dip was actually white, with green flecks and red rose petals. 
 Camera refused to make it white. 

I used the last of it on an English muffin lunch, pictured here. 

And what are the other two dreaded annual events?  One involves the gynecologist, and the other is my annual review at work.  Ugh to both of them!  I’ll take choir treats any day.  


Marta said...

What a great photo! Much better than ours. You are superior!

joannamauselina said...

What do you mean? Joe took it! They are pretty much the same, I think.

Laura said...

What a beautiful feast you and your friend Martha provided! The food photos are delectable and I can imagine the whitness.