Saturday, October 20, 2012

Margaret's Happy Day

It's hard to do the crossword with your left hand (unless you are left handed, of course.)

Margaret has long been hoping for an invitation to visit my Aunt Pauline, but aside from a few quick stops to drop something off, or pick something up, she has never really been a guest there.  Pauline, I regret to say, is not overly fond of dogs.  However, I also (and even more sadly) regret to say, Pauline took a spill and fractured her collarbone recently, and needed to have someone there to help her for a few days while she recovers.  I couldn’t leave Margaret on her own, so I told her that she would have to come and help nurse Pauline, and would have to be a very good dog, so as to impress Pauline if she ever wanted to be invited back.  Margaret was thrilled and promised.  

Gifts of flowers are so cheering!

In spite of this, very shortly after we arrived, my Cousin Joseph, who was just leaving, and I looked on in horror, as Margaret – no doubt overcome by the situation - squatted and made a little puddle on the carpet!  Almost right at Pauline’s feet!  Just to show that she was at home here, I imagine.  Joseph cut short his farewells, came back in, created a distraction while I scuttled out to the kitchen for paper towels and then very discreetly dealt with the evidence of Margaret’s crime.  Once Margaret established herself as mistress of the situation, and had put down her identifying mark, she was a perfect lady.  And she was in ecstasy!  Because of my fear of another accident, I carried her about from room to room wherever I went, took her with me on my jaunts to the grocery store, took her out to potty more frequently than ever, and in general, devoted myself 24/7 to her and Pauline.  Margaret asks nothing more!  She and Pauline got on very well, and I am sure that she will be invited to return soon, given that with the exception of her one little mishap, she was the perfect guest.  And Pauline seems to be recovering nicely, I am happy to say. 

Margaret is making herself right at home.


Samos said...

Cute! So glad to here Pauline is doing better. Margaret is not the only one who was thrilled to have a tour of Pauline's House... :-)

Marta said... beautiful.
Margaret is such a cutie.

I'm sure Pauline was thrilled to with the visit.

Good writing.

Marta said...

omit the to....

Pru said...

Oh I can only imagine the horror! Glad to hear that Margaret recovered her sense of decorum and comported herself so well after her little mishap, and glad that Aunt Pauline is doing better and enjoyed her canine visitor.

Laura said...

I'm glad your Aunt is recovering. Your kind care and company would make anyone feel better. I can only imagine how Margaret enjoyed being carried about!