Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Blocking Day

Tobias  really enjoys being helpful, no matter what one is trying to do.  He helps do crossword puzzles, read books, loves to help with the newspaper, and is particularly helpful when one is trying to knit or sew.  Or in this instance to block a sweater. 

I'm on top of it, Mum!  I am saving the towels while you wet the sweater and get it all ready to block.  

Don't worry, you can put the sopping wet sweater right here.  Just don't put it on me!

Ick!  I didn't know it would be this horrible and wet.  But it's okay.  I have it all under control!

It's a good thing you squoze all that water out of it.  Otherwise I might not want to sit on it. 

You think you foiled me?



Marta said...

Another beautiful sweater!

In spite of distractions that speak the meow language, you accomplish so much.

Pru said...

What a character! More hoodie pix please.

Laura said...

Oh Tobias - you are endlessly entertaining!