Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another Up and Down Day

Sitting behind the orchestra at rehearsal. They will look much more formal the next night.

The last two evenings, All Saints Day and All Souls Day, are among my top favorites of the year - the rehearsal for Mozart’s divine Requiem on Thursday, and then the actual performance at Mass on All Souls Day.  Actually, I think the rehearsal with the orchestra might be my real favorite by a very slivery margin, as it is more relaxed, and we always get to sing Happy Birthday to our director.  How often do you sing Happy Birthday to someone you love, with a full orchestra accompaniment?  Not often! 

Then, after the rehearsal, I got home and found that some careless individual had parked his car in front of my driveway so I couldn’t get into my garage.  This was the third time in thirty years that this has happened, but oddly, the second time this week.  The first time was when Becca and I were going on an outing to the knitting store, and the car was a horrible phallic looking black thing, so I got a certain amount of schadenfreude having it towed.  Yes, evil, I know.  We were not in a rush, and so just had another cup of tea while we waited.  Last night  things were different.  I was tired, and it was a Volkswagen, so I felt badly about its owner’s distress.  (I guess this shows that I am a car-ist.)  But I had to get into the garage as the street parking is very limited at certain times. Earlier during the day, some little furry orange person had thrown up in my bed, so I had washed all the linen.  When I finally got in after the rehearsal, I found that the duvet was not quite dry. Grrrrrrr!  But I put it in the dryer, took a shower, moved my car into the garage, by which time the duvet was dry, and so I happily settled down with my book.  All in all, a very pleasant day. 

However, now that I consider, the actual Requiem Mass, with its mystery and glory, has to be the best of all.  Not relaxing, but wondrously wonderful. 


Marta said...

Requiem was great.
I wondered if you would sneak a photo into the mix.
Such adventure.
We had something in our driveway also. Three deer near the gate. However, we didn't need to have them towed. As soon as they saw the headlights...they moved.

Laura said...

Don't people notice your driveway??
Desperation parking I guess.