Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Very Fun Day!

At the Antique Mall 

Samos and I were going to go out to lunch and to do some other fun thing. But what that other fun thing was, we hadn’t quite decided.  We thought about going for a canoe ride, but the weather was pretty dreary and chilly.  Very chilly! I had visions of the canoe tipping over and dropping us into frigid Lake Washington, ending up in pounds of sodden wet clothes, shivering and turning blue as we made our sad way home after the upset.  Ugh!  Canoeing was potentially fun, but also potentially horrible.  I timidly suggested shopping.  Not the most exciting thing, and something I loathe doing alone and quite enjoy if I do it with a friend. We both needed to go to the plant store and Costco, so I was pleased when Samos thought it a good idea. First Costco, where I planned to buy one thing  - Alka Seltzer, my ever faithful headache remedy.  Most folks don’t realize that each tablet has an aspirin embedded in it, and the fizziness seems to send the headache relief directly to where it needs to go.  Plus, it‘s fun to have all those tiny bubbles tickling your nose.  And with a teaspoon of Tang – a real treat!  I know, I know!  This sounds a little pervy, but when one has a headache…….    Well, I guess it is not humanly possible to go to Costco and buy only one thing, so I bought a bunch of things and then felt guilty.  I’m sure I really need them though. (Especially the Marilyn Monroe DVD's!)  

We visited an Antique Mall, where I actually did buy only one thing, and that was the treasure of the day.  I have my special silver knife, fork and spoon that I always use, but I was missing a real dinner fork.  Instead I used the salad fork of the set.  I had been looking and looking for a fork to match – looking for years, in fact.  One of the stalls had a big bin of silverware, so we looked through it.  There were spoons and salad forks in the proper pattern galore!  But not a fork.  Finally I found one! Heaven be praised!  I was really happy.  Samos thought I should look for a backup, but in the whole bin of forks, there was only the one.  Rather than be disappointed about no backup, this made my one treasure even more valued. 

Happy mealtime ahead!

Finally, after a trip to the garden store for leaf raking equipment (ugh!), we went to a restaurant which had been a favorite years ago, but had been closed the last few times we tried to visit.  We were thrilled to find it reopened and had a super yummy Ethiopian lunch. 

Special fork not needed.
When we got home, I was knackered after all that strenuous shopping, but I had to do a gardening chore – planting some bulbs.  I got dressed in my gardening clothes, stepped out onto the porch, thought, “Yuck!  It is really cold, crispy, drippy and draining.  Just not the weather to work outside.” I told myself that I would be so happy when those daffodils came out in the spring, but that thought was not helpful.   Suddenly I remembered that I had a big pile of ironing to do.  “I had better work on that,” I happily told myself.  So much more fun than digging in dirt.  It seems that most folks I know love to putter in their gardens.  Most folks altogether, in fact.  I envy them.  I love to have nice flowers, but dealing with them is pure drudgery.  If only I could enjoy it, how much more pleasurable would life be!  But……  I hate it.  I wonder if I can force myself to go do it now?  I will report back.  Maybe. 


Samos said...

That was indeed cool to find your fork. Your sweater looks really beautiful on you! Was great skipping around town with you, as always. Looking forward to my Christmas present! Though Rachel might need it more than me...

Marta said...

Love your blog. Samos looks very sweet.
The silverware looks beautiful on the lovely cloth.

I enjoy working outside..but not in this weather.
However, I quit ironing years ago so have to find a different excuse.
Moles save me a lot of work. Since they destroy any bulb, I no longer
plant them.
I have eaten at Ethiopian cafe. Loved it.

Pru said...

A treat indeed to find the one fork. Is that your new hoodie? Lovely! I like to see pretty gardens but sadly they are always other people's since I hate yard work myself. Like Marta I am saved the drudgery of planting bulbs since our squirrels watch from the trees and then dig them up as soon as I've departed the area.

I. F. said...

We should go to that restaurant sometime! I love Ethiopian food.

Laura said...

I'm amazed you found your silverware match. Quite a find and a lovely table setting. You and Samos look great and obviously enjoying yourselves very much!