Saturday, September 8, 2012

An Eagerly Anticipated Day

The wonderful Bonnie and Dennis
Every year, after about the second week of June, our choir takes a summer break.  Usually, I am quite ready for this to happen, as sometimes being in a choir can be a lot of work, and there is nothing amiss about an extra evening free in a week (especially when one works evening shift.)  The feeling that choir vacation is great typically lasts about a fortnight.  Then, I am ready to get back in the saddle – or more aptly, choir stall – again.  So, I have to say that the beginning of the new choir year is something I look forward to all summer.  This year, our choir retreat was particularly fabulous!  It was, of course, wonderful to see all the friends that I hadn’t seen for several months, but there were a couple of particularly extra special tweaks.  We had a performance by an amazing violinist, Marianne Martinolia, a member Jubilate! – one the cathedral’s Youth Music ensembles. She was astonishing!  At the end of her breathtaking performance, the choir members were momentarily struck silent before erupting in violent applause.  It was a moving experience to hear such absolutely exquisite music.

One part of the retreat which I always especially look forward to is the Blessing of the Choristers, and this year’s blessing was even more meaningful, as it included a blessing of two of our choristers on their 50th wedding anniversary.  And what an adorable couple they are – both now and then.  They hardly look a day older, do they?


Marta said...

Love the photo of Dennis & Bonnie.
They are the sweetest couple.

Marta said...

Bonnie and Dennis were overjoyed by your blog.