Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day at the Waterfront

I was thinking that not much blog-worthy had happened lately, but I was forgetting about a lunch date I had with Samos.  We went to the waterfront Red Robin, and I had a tremendous vegeburger.  The waitperson simply could not comprehend that I wanted onion, tomato, and lettuce on it, and none of that fancy stuff.  This included no cheese.  This latter seemed the most incomprehensible of all.  Finally Samos was able to clarify this to him, and then he seemed to refuse to bring the mustard and catsup – the sine qua non of a yummy vegeburger.  Nonetheless, our lunch was delicious, the setting was delightful, and the weather was perfect for dining alfresco.

From our table we could see this huge new Seattle Ferris Wheel. Samos was very interested in taking a ride on it, but I was not interested in the least.  There would probably have been vegeburger  (mustard, catsup, and all) everywhere.  I was willing, however to take a closer look.  This ferris wheel is the largest in the United States, but nonetheless is half the size of the London Eye.  Yowser! That one must be big.  I’ve been interested in it since I read a fun kiddy book, The London Eye Mystery.  Then we went for an ice cream cone.  I was already stuffed, but there always seems to be a spot in the tum for a bit of ice cream. 

Later, Samos’s sweetie, Michelle, came over to have a cup of tea.  I was going to say that we used my new tea cups, but actually, they are pretty old.  They were my mother’s and have been in a box in the basement for years.  I finally found a place to put them, and got them out.  This was their virgin outing, so it was sort of a ceremonial event.  Michelle had some ice cream with her tea, but I was ice creamed out.  I guess there isn’t always a spot in the tum – just most of the time.  


Samos said...

I'm always blown away by the quality of your pictures! You really have talent and a great eye... Can't wait for the next day out. :-)

Marta said...

I second the comment by Samos. You do have a great eye.

I've been wanting to go to waterfront and see the Chihuly exhibit.

Laura said...

I have to agree about your photos. These are fabulous. What a fun day you had!