Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Spirited Day

Feeling a little anxious!

Years ago, Dakki had a ferocious cat named Lysander. We thought that he would have more aptly been named Lucifer.  He was a genuine fright.  He would lurk behind furniture, till a leg was within reach of his talons, and then leap out, hissing, and lacerate the unwary limb.  “You need to do something about that cat!” we said.  “He is just full of spirit,” my aunt would say.  Eventually, we talked her into getting him his operation, and after that he became a somewhat decent fellow.  Since then, “full of spirit,” has been a family euphemism for very ill-behaved.  Michael, God rest his soul, was a good kitty most of the time, but he always had a lot of spirit when going to the vet, and had to be put in the stocks for his exam, while we sat in the waiting room and listened to his pathetic shrieks.  I chafed at having such an embarrassingly naughty pet, but Rebecca, more tender hearted than I, sat with tears dripping down because her poor kitty was suffering.  

My little man went to the vet today, and while he was not ill-behaved, he did show some spirit on the car trip.  Actually, he yoweled all the way, but behaved very well for his exam and shots.  The vet was impressed by what a fine specimen of a cat he is.  No surprise there.  On the way back, (a much less trying trip than the way to,) he let out a few protesting meows, but seemed satisfied to be  going home, knowing that his annual ordeal was over. 


Marta said...

No one enjoys their yearly exam!
Glad all was OK.

Laura said...

Somehow our pets just seem to know they are heading to the Vet office. I think they read our minds.