Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Work Day

Now that Lent is over, I have been rather piggy in the candy eggs department.  On my way home from feeding the hungry on Thursday, I stopped at my favorite pharmacy and bought three medicinal Cadbury’s Eggs.  I ate one immediately, and put the other two on my dining room table to save for later. I must explain that my dining room table is seldom dined on, and functions more as a library table, where I work on projects, and keep things-that-must-be-dealt-with.  The TTMBDW’s include bills to be paid, letters to be answered, small items needing repair, things borrowed to be returned – in other words, artifacts of procrastination.  The table is usually cluttered, and this time was no exception.  The eggs were nestled amongst all this mess, and not on obvious display. 

Usually, as I leave for work, I plan a little midnight treat for myself, to look forward to, and for comfort after a night of dealing with other people’s troubles.  This evening, I decided that my treat would be one of the eggs, and so I put it out on my kitchen table where it would greet me when I arrived home.  (I actually do eat at that table, and usually, it has only items on it pertaining in some way, often tangential, to food.)  Throughout my work hours, I thought about my little egg with anticipation.  When I got home, I sat down to look at my email.  The computer is in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen.  As I checked on my friend’s blogs, I heard, from the kitchen, a little “plop,” which was the exact sound that could only be made by a Cadbury Egg hitting the floor.  I went into the kitchen to salvage my treat, and my darling kitty said, “Thanks, Mom, for this fabulous new cat toy!”  I explained that it was not a toy at all, rescued it, and put it out of his reach.  Minutes later, directly behind me, from the dining table, I heard the sounds of another Cadbury Egg being meddled with.  I rescued that one too.  Poor disappointed Kitty.  The astonishing thing is that both of these eggs had been sitting there for eight hours, but he waited to share his pleasure in them till I got home.  Or was he perhaps, just teasing me!  What a brilliant boy he is!  I love my Tobias.  Margaret, had she found a  Cadbury Egg, would have gobbled it up, foil and all, and no doubt been quite ill.  Then, if she found the second one, would have gobbled it too, and been even more ill.


Rebecca Ross said...

What a brilliant boy!!!!

Rebecca Ross said...

What a brilliant boy!

Laura said...

What a sweet cat with toy picture!