Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Wonderful Sunday

Another amazing and inspirational Sunday at St. James!  This morning, the incredible Schola Cantorum, led by Ms. Sunde, sang music of Mozart, Vivaldi, and Schubert.  It is astonishing that a group of ordinary children (actually, they are pretty extraordinary – poised, professional, and perfect) – can create such wonderful music!  It was all beautiful, but one of my most loved pieces of music – Mozart’s Laudate Dominum was so exquisite that it “caused me to tremble!”   Really, it did!  We are so fortunate to have our magnificent music program – helping bring us closer to God every Sunday - and on weekdays too, for those more pious than I. 


Marta said...

Sounds great. Sorry I missed it.
Your A+ photos make mine look

Music was "same old" at St. Stephen but I did see old friends and that's worth something.
They were having a fund raising dinner for an orphanage in Uganda.
One of the nuns was present which was nice. Dinner was sold-out.

Marta said...

I had to look at this again. Photo of choir and organ pipes is so beautiful.

Laura said...

St James is a place of visual and musical beauty.