Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Doggy Day

Corinna having a cozy canine conversation

The Twins and I were lucky enough to be invited for dinner at the home of Peggy, John, and their three furry children.  Here I am, besieged by bassets, as Corinna cleverly commented.  The only other basset I have known personally, was our neighbor Bentley – an elderly, and very laid back fellow.  Bassets look so solemn and serene, that one doesn’t expect the personality and liveliness exhibited by  this group.  “Just pet me, and I am your slave,” they all pleaded with their exquisitely expressive eyes. 

Beset by bassets

And in addition to the delightful doggies, the meal was decidedly delicious. 


Marta said...

Sounds like a doggone good time.

You must be feeling better. I hope so.domenta

Laura said...

absolutely adorable

I. F. said...

There is nothing like a basset hound to make you feel like your visit is a major event!