Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Jet-lagged Day

Early morning surprise!

Aaaaargh!  How I hate daylight savings time!  I have to worry all day the day before about remembering to reset the clocks.  One year, I had no idea that the dreaded day had arrived until I read the Sunday morning funny papers and saw that Dagwood was running about trying to get all his clocks changed.  At least that year, I didn’t have to waste time worrying about the tribulation in advance. The next ordeal is getting up a hour earlier for choir practice on Sunday morning.  After working till midnight the evening before, I have trouble dragging myself to church in the best of times. Buoyed up by the prospect of beautiful music, I stumble around looking for a cup of tea and some clothes – trying to put them on in the right order – with shoes matching, and nothing that shouldn’t show showing.  But take away another hour, and I am a stupefied wreck.  Once there however, Jim, our choir director, and the wonderful music perk me right up, but that is a short lived fix, and lasts only till the end of Mass.  By the time I get home from church, I once again feel like a logy automaton. By the time I get home from work that evening, I feel absolutely non-functional.  Then a night of fretting about getting up the next morning for a dental appointment, and by Monday morning, I am battle-scarred, and in no shape to do anything. The previous evening, I had to worry about getting up and forgetting about the dental appointment completely, and in fact, to worry about getting up at all, so of course I had yucky dreams all night about the murder mystery I was reading before dropping off, and waking up every few minutes – or so it seemed – to reassure myself that it was not yet morning, nor was I really accompanying Inspector Wexford down into that disgusting pit.  I woke up way too early – semi-woke up, I should say, and staggered to the dental office to relax in the dental chair, my worries over.  Major task accomplished! I had gotten there in time, and afterward could go home and take a nice nap. Which I did.  Today, life looks a lot rosier.  The jet lag period is by, and now all I have to fret about is the possibility of snow.

My hygienist has a new gizmo – a light to detect signs of mouth cancer.  Ick!  


Rebecca Ross said...

Poor Annie! I hope you've adjusted, and that you didn't have mouth cancer!

Laura said...

I have to find out how you got your dental picture! The flower picture is beautiful.

Marta said...

The flower photo is extremely beautiful! Sorry you had such a difficult time.
Speaking of time....is it time to retire?