Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Hospitable Day

Margaret and Tobias had company the other day. Ana and Ken stopped by to introduce their new puppy, a very cute, very stout Chihuahua.  She is from a shelter, and you can see how her new parents were captivated when she pleaded with them to take her home.  Who could resist those sweet little eyes and that knowing doggy smile?  She is on a diet and an exercise regimen - even including swimming lessons -  with her personal trainer Ken.  She is doing well and has already made progress in her quest for fitness.  

Margaret was, as to be expected, a gracious hostess.  Tobias, not so much.  Margaret was, in fact, thrilled!  She frisked, frolicked, and delightedly welcomed her little guest.  Tobias sniffed disdainfully, and hopped up onto a bookshelf where he could observe from a slight distance, but still remain involved in the action.  He puffed himself up, and gave the occasional obligatory whispered hiss, but nonetheless remained nearby, and allowed himself to be petted, showing that he was not terribly upset.  But he felt the need to express his disapproval – at least a little. 


Samos said...

They look like perfect little friends! :-)

Rebecca Ross said...

Margie is so pretty and kind!

Marta said...

The first photo is a little scary.
Like seeing myself in the mirror.

The next two are adorable.