Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Pre-New Year's Day

Usually, Rebecca comes with me and helps me find the perfect new calendar, but this year she was unavailable.  For the previous several years, I had gotten a cute Dick and Jane calendar, but last year (and again this year,) I couldn't find one. Instead, she found something similar for my last year’s calendar, an adorable one with English schoolroom posters. It was so sweet that it made me happy every time I looked at it. Do you detect a calendar preference theme here?  

The store at which we usually had the most success involved a car trip, and so to avoid that, I went to a fabulous bookstore within walking distance.  I had failed there in the calendar search before, but decided to be optimistic.  While I had made a decision to feel this way, I think it didn’t really penetrate to my inner being.   It was a cold day, so I dressed up too warmly.  By the time I got there, and was looking through the calendars, I was so hot that I only wanted to go home and take off most of my clothes so as to cool off, and then to take a nap.  So I decided that all the calendars were ugly and went home.  The next day, I really had to get down to business.  Margaret was thrilled to come with me, but she did not give me much advice about my calendar selection. 

And the selection was vast!

There was something for every taste!

Except mine.  Finally, I chose two, neither the perfect calendar, but both pretty near perfect.  And so a good way to start the New Year.  

Which brings me to say,  

A most happy and blessed New Year to you and  yours!” 


P. Joan Gavigan said...

Same to you:)!

Laura said...

Certainly something for every taste there! An amazing array of calendars. Your calendar pictures are lovely and they would brighten my day too. Happy New Year to you.

Rebecca Ross said...

So what calendars did you end up getting?

Marta said...

i was given a calendar from our son John. He bought it from his friend Pete.
Tree houses of the World.
It's pretty amazing.

A Blessed & happy New Year to you as well.

Pru said...

So which did you get, "Toilets of the World" or "Zombies"? Your English calendar looks as though it could be Janet and John, the English equivalents of Dick and Jane.