Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Splendid Evening

Jim and friends

We heard that it would be wonderful, but nonetheless, I was amazed when I entered the Cathedral auditorium.  The room was all black velvet, silver, gold, and pearl.  If I had not recognized the door coming in, I would surely would have not known where I was.  Everything was fancy, including the guests.  And the occasion?  The thirtieth anniversary of our beloved choir director, Jim.  President Obama couldn’t make it, but everyone else did.  Many tears were shed throughout the evening, some by the guest of honor, moved by the many tributes – but quite a few other tears flowed as well, including a few from me.  It was a wonderful evening, celebrating a wonderful career, the wonderful music, the moving liturgies, coming from the Cathedral, seemingly channeled from heaven via Jim.

Maria, Rachael, and Corinna

Peggy and Clint

Oh, and, always important, the food was fine also.


rebecca said...

Rachael looks so dainty and cute in her new hair!

Marta said...

Great photos and writing.

I have a few good photos. May post some later.

Marta said...

The photo of Jim with the Fathers is my favorite, since it was more difficult to achieve.
Good for you.

Samos said...

Shockingly short hair! What does it mean? :-)

Laura said...

Love all the beautiful photos but especially your darling Rachael who looks adorable with her new haircut. The table setting really does look elegant

RINI'S BLOG said...

helloo.. i like it