Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day

It seems like we haven’t celebrated Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day in years.  One, or more often, both of us is working every time!  This may be the first time we have even celebrated it in May.  Generally we don’t get our Mother’s Day act together till June at the very least.   This year, I went to Becca’s house, expecting to just pick her up and take her to the opera.  But she had a surprise in store for me – in fact, several surprises.  Knowing that Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite and most sinful brunch dishes, she made vegan version.  Can you imagine?  Being vegan, it wasn’t even that sinful. And it was très yummy! Eggs Benedicimus maybe.  But there was more in store.  

When we purchased my camera, early in the year, we looked for a case, and there were two choices - a crummy cheap one which you had to take the camera out of in order to take a picture,  or a superior one,  which was very expensive and had to be ordered from Japan.  I decided to use a case that I had on hand.  It was actually better than the cheap crummy one, and I was too timid to order from across the ocean.  So what a surprise to find that she had gotten me the lovely Japanese version.  Becca is more daring in her internet ordering than I.   The camera case came in a little box with the directions, “Before connecting, operating, or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely.”

The instructions
I am certainly fortunate and blest to have such a wonderful daughter. 


rebecca said...

And I'm fortunate to have such a cute and wonderful mother!

Marta said...

How sweet.

Love the directions. English on the other side? If not, you can probably get Dad to translate.

Marta said...

I meant Dan.

joannamauselina said...

Those directions were it. It wasn't too hard to figure out. Insert camera, snap snaps, take pictures.

Samos said...

That is a cool old-fashiooned case!

Laura said...

What a wonderful surprise on mother's day!